Polyurethane (TPU) tubes with welded Seams

Polyurethane (TPU) tubes with welded Seams

Tubes constructed of polyurethane coated fabric exhibit better key physical properties than tubes constructed of PVC, or Hypalon coated fabric...better tensile strength, tearing strength, puncture resistance, coating adhesion, and abrasion resistance

Manufactured using arguably the best fabric for Rib tubes. Our tubes seams are fully welded closed, there is no glue used in the seams of the tube.

With our hot climate and high U.V rate glued seams eventually fail. Welded seams generally out-last glued seams by 2 or 3 times.

POLYURETHANE is typically used on leisure Ribs of 6m and over, as well as commercial and military Ribs.

​Key features:

  • Welded seams
  • Best tear resistance
  • Exceptional seam strength
  • Great UV resistance and colour fastness
  • We can make tubes for any make and model of Rib
  • Tubes made here at our premises
  • Design service
  • Custom colours and trim options
  • Over 20 years experience and hundreds of satisfied re-tube customers
  • Price promise - we will beat any comparable local quote