USED: Falcon 575 SR

USED: Falcon 575 SR

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2006, with 90HP Suzuki with ~600 hours use.

This Rib has been retubed with a foam collar coated in 4mm of polyurethane, so need for an air pump with this one.

The ride has not been affected and the foam collar is still soft for rafting alongside other boats.

Based on the highly successful Falcon 650SR design, the 575SR offers the
same ride comfort and versatility. It is more manageable, yet its legendary ride comfort,
handling and load carrying abilities remain unaffected. The 575SR currently offers the most
deck space available in its class. An excellent all rounder suitable for most applications
Built in South Africa. On display in our Wangara warehouse.

Drive on trailer
Suzuki 90 HP 4 stroke outboard
VHF radio