HYPALON fabric tubes

HYPALON fabric tubes


West Ribs Hypalon Re-tubes

Manufactured using arguably the best French "Orca" Hypalon. West Ribs tubes are built to last, we have Ribs that we re-tubed that are 20 years old and still hold air perfectly.

Hypalon fabric cannot be welded, so West Ribs only uses proven hypalon adhesives designed specifically for use in tube construction.

Hypalon is the preferred fabric for larger Ribs commonly used on Ribs over 6 metres in length.

​Key features:

  • French Orca* Hypalon fabric
  • We can make tubes for any make and model of Rib
  • Design service
  • Custom colours and trim options
  • Over 20 years experience and hundreds of satisfied re-tube customers