West Fenders - Foam collars

West Fenders - Foam collars

West Fenders

West Ribs has been making foam tubes for Ribs for decades. The foam collars can be full circullar, or "D" section fender.

We make "D" fenders with a smooth finish and even taper them so that they look attractive. Ideal for leisure and superyacht tenders.

The air normally inside an inflatable collar is substituted with closed cell foam that will not absorb any water.

West Ribs use various outer fabrics such as Polyurethane (TPU), Hypalon, or PVC

We can add bump rubbers, handles, roping where required.

Foam collars require little or no maintenance.

We design the tube in 3D CAD on the computer, then cut it with our CNC fabric cutter and weld the seams on our hot air welding machine.

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