Bravo BTP12 Digital Pump

Bravo BTP12 Digital Pump

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Bravo’s BTP 12 Digital is a very Universal pump . Ideal for Inflatable Sup Boards , Kites , Towable toys and small to large Inflatable boats.
Capacity 450 Lt / per min
Piston flow rate : 160Lt /per min
Turbine flow rate: 450 Lt/ per min
Digital pressure setting
Fitted with aspiration air filter
15 minute run time only (must cool down before re-use (20 min))
Pressure 0.95 Bar up to (13.8 PSI )
Simultaneous display of real and programmed pressure Pressure measurement can be selected among bar , mbar, psi or Kpa 
Consumption :20 A 
1.7 Mt tube/ 3 meter Cable 
12 volt Lead with alligator clips 
Optional Battery Ni Mh (1000 to 1500 charges)(A must have Item) 
Carry bag (standard) 
Equipped with connectors for Inflatable’s , Sups and Kites.
Inflates and deflates large or small objects (dependant on valve size) 
2 yr manufacturer warranty (PLEASE refer to warranty section)

Suggested Uses:

  • Rigid inflatable / Inflatable Boats
  • Sup Boards
  • Kites
  • Dinghy's
  • Inflatable Toys
  • Air mattresses
  • Inflatable Kayaks
  • Frameless Fishing Boats
  • Hybrid SUP
  • LongBoard SUPs
  • PaddleSki - Inflatable
  • Yacht Tenders