Ceredi Pressure Relief Valve for your pump

Ceredi Pressure Relief Valve for your pump

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Take the guess work out of inflating your Rib. This pressure relief valve is inserted between the tube's inflation valve and the pump. Upon reaching the optimum pressure, the valve operates outside outside of the tube, discharging excess air, simple and effective.

TIP: A lot of owners under-inflate their inflatable Rib worried about it popping with too much pressure, well you can do as much damage by under inlating the inflatable Rib. Always try and maintain optimum tube pressure of between 3 - 4 PSI

If the tube is over inflated, insert the overpressure valve in the valve of the tube, the excess pressure will be eliminated  and bring the RIB to the optimum pressure. 

It adapts to all inflators and to most of the valves on the market and you only need 1 per pump/bellows.

Italian made.

Max opening pressure: 3.52 psi 

Min closing pressure: 3.04 psi