Zodiac Cadet 230 AERO model inflatable boat

Zodiac Cadet 230 AERO model inflatable boat

Brand: Zodiac
Product Code: 230 AERO
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An exceptional quality/price ratio

At the origin, the best materials were selected with internal welded tube seams by thermobonding for an optimal durability. The equipment is plethoric and of quality without considering most the Zodiac patented touch, such as the system of rowlock or the internal command of the self bailor. The whole set has an incomparable style, nothing surprising, it is a Zodiac tender.

Compact and easy to stow in a cockpit locker, the CADET holds its own against bigger models. Its progressive-diameter buoyancy-tube provides improved stability.

CADETs have an outstanding lifespan and guarantee a high level of safety for their owners. The thermo-banding assembly technique ensures a perfectly smooth join between buoyancy tube and base.

The Zodiac Cadet is available in two different floor types - Aluminium & Aero and various sizes depending on floor type.

Benefits of Zodiacs Thermo-Welded Seams

Thermo-welded seams has been a game-changer in the inflatable boat industry.  A thermo-welded seam is a bond between two layers of fabric that fuses the two layers into one under heat.  A thermo-welded seam is four times stronger, and lasts significantly longer.  Another benefit of a thermo-welded seam is superior air-holding ability.  A thermo-welded seam is a permanent bond.  Thermo-welded seams also have high pressure tolerance. This is helpful as it means you don’t need to keep compensating for hot and cold weather conditions.

5 models -200/230/270/310/350 

The worlds oldest & most recognised brand of inflatable with best back-up service at competitive prices.


  • Transom protection plate
  • Internal auto bailing drain
  • Davit lifting points
  • VALMEX® German Fabric
  • Pump and repair kit
  • Removable seat
  • Rubber keel protection
  • Tow point
  • Carry handles
  • Inflatable keel
  • Soft PVC floor 
  • Inflatable flat deck
Factory Specifications
Air Chambers2 + 1
Max Passengers2
Max Power3hp
Tube MaterialValmex PVC