RIB Shares

RIB Shares

Are you tired of looking for a quality used Rib?

Do you want a new Rib at a fraction the cost of a new one?

Would you like someone to take care of all regular servicing, maintenace and repairs?

Don't have room to store a Rib at home?

West Ribs may have the answer for you.

We have new Ribs in stock that we can syndicate for interested clients. We typically offer 4 or 5 shares in the Rib. You legally own your share of the Rib and are free to sell it at any time.

You have a choice of entering a share sydicate with other members and pay West Ribs a monthly management fee to store the Rib at their premises and take care of all regular service work to the Rib including outboard motor and trailer.

We also offer additional services such as valet service and unforeseen repairs.

Alternatively, you can enter a purchase only share sydicate where the members arrange all maintenance, repairs etc.

Who controls the shares? We use boat equity - a long established boat share company who provide all the legal contracts and on-line booking system, for which you pay them a small monthly fee - currently $30

Can't see a Rib that suits you? Talk to us. We have many other stock Ribs that we can syndicate.

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