Oars & Oar fixtures

Oars & Oar fixtures
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Large flexible hypalon oar retainer.11.5 x 9.6cm.3.4cm diameter. ..
Zodiac Z6424 1.3M Two Piece Oars (pair)Fitment: Zodiac and BombardSupplied as a pair1.3M..
Zodiac Z6425 1.6M Two Piece Oars (pair)Fitment: Zodiac and BombardSupplied as a pair1.6M..
Zodiac Z67342 1.6M Two Piece Oars (pair) with holes for rowlock pinsFitment: Zodiac and Bombard ..
Part Z2815.Clip for retaining oars to side of pontoon.Fits with part Z2816.Note: Price i..
Oar retaining O-ring for preventing the oar from slipping through with the Z6031 style rowlocks. ..
Used on some of the older Classic & Futura Boats.This part has been discontinued by Zodiac. ..
Part Z6031.Zodiac screw in oarlock. Screws into the oarlock base with half-turn. ..
New style Zodiac rowlock system with ring grip for adjusting placement on oars. Improved stainl..
Part Z67067.Zodiac Zoom style rowlock for current Zoom models.* Price is each, if you requir..