Zodiac Medline Range

Zodiac Medline Range

Medline The range


Comprising 5 boats, the completely new Medline range has been comprehensively redesigned with one absolute priority in mind: ease of use on land, at anchor and at sea.

The dimensions and the weight of each Medline model have been specifically optimised to give excellent weight-to-power ration, going for moderate engine power while simplifying launching and retrieving manoeuvres.

Deck plans ensure exceptional ergonomics and modularity: on-board movement is easy, the sundecks are spacious and easy to set up; the afterdeck feels comfortable and secure. Sunbathing, eating or swimming, it couldn’t be easier!

The hull’s build quality, the unique comfort of the upholstery, top-of-the-range fittings, easy maintenance of the tubes… Every detail is the fruit of Zodiac’s ® years of experience and knowledge of the sea.

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